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Yogome Heroes of Knowledge is an educational adventure game where players develop skills from 9 subject areas while exploring a galaxy.  Yogome Heroes of Knowledge is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store. This app feature in-app purchases and is rated for users of all ages.  This app is safe for kids.

About Heroes of Knowledge
In-App Purchases

What is Heroes of Knowledge?

Pokémon with a twist? Well, that’s kind of what players get with Epic Heroes of Knowledge, an educational game app

Heroes of Knowledge is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store. This app feature in-app purchases and is rated for users of all ages.

Players test their skills in 8 subject areas, and are rewarded with Yogodex cards, which they collect to then battle evil characters in the game. Epic Heroes of Knowledge offers a free trial download, but users must subscribe, once the trial period is completed, to continue playing.

Epic players choose their very own Yogotar, with the ability to customize and personalize the further they progress in the game, and their job is the defeat the evil Queen Ignorantia and her forces to save the Galaxy of Knowledge (clever). 

With bright, fun and animated educational games, children will forget that they’re doing something...educational. Epic is not strictly learning-only, as players are awarded Yogodex cards of characters they’re able to put into battle (very much like Pokémon). Players complete games to earn PowerCubes, which give them strength to battle, and Yogodex cards.

Epic Heroes of Knowledge offers a free trial upon download, but requires a subscription thereafter; subscriptions are $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year. Subscribers have the added bonus of access to additional games in the Yogome library. 

One last feature to point out, is the fact that some of the game content, specifically math portions, was developed with a partnership with the play2PREVENT Lab at Yale University. The play2PREVENT Lab’s mission is to “harness videogame technology to create engaging and effective methods to convey information and teach skills that lead to behavior change, translating to healthier and safer lives.” 

The play2PREVENT Lab conducted a study with Epic Heroes of Knowledge, and found that Knowledge Battles improved math skills in those who played.

Is Heroes of Knowledge safe for my kids?

Parents should know that the Epic Heroes of Knowledge app is a game-based educational app that challenges young players across 8 subject areas (or planets within the game) - math, science, geography, language, programming, art, health and sustainability - and rewards them for their educational game play. 

Created for children in kindergarten through fifth grade, Epic Heroes of Knowledge provides a creative backstory to guide young players in their quest.

Epic Heroes of Knowledge battles do contain cartoon violence, but are not gory or graphic, and are fine for younger players. Players choose the character they wish to fight in the battle from their Yogodex; in this sense, Epic is a reward-based game that intersperses educational games with ones for entertainment-only purposes.

Parents will like the Parent Dashboard app that accompanies Epic Heroes, allowing parents to set specific subject areas for their child, as well as to check the progress their child is making. 

The Parent Dashboard extras include learning tips, to help parents support their child as they play, as well as fun, educational activities parents can do with their child. Parents of younger children may need to assist them, as Epic Heroes of Knowledge features text instructions to be read before each game.

Scientifically-backed, created and tested by professionals, parents can rest easy knowing this app is safe for kids and can download Epic Heroes of Knowledge without worry.

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