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Canvas Student is a learning management app that gives students access to their course materials, grades, and assignments from their mobile device. The app is free to download from the iTunes app store and the Google Play store. The Canvas Student app is rate for users of all ages and is safe for kids.

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What is Canvas Student?

Canvas Student is a classroom management app with a variety of useful features. This app is the student facing mobile version of the Canvas website, which gives students access to a number of features on-the-go.

Students can view course materials, such as assignments and PDFs posted by the teacher. They can also submit assignments, view grades and teacher feedback for their classes or for specific assignments, send and receive messages to and from other students or the teacher, post to class discussions about assigned work or study questions, take class quizzes, and watch videos posted by the teacher.

Canvas Student features a calendar and to-do list that helps students stay on top of work and dates for all their courses. Canvas is a solid platform that facilitates a higher level of communication and course efficiency than the traditional paper-based system, helping students achieve higher levels of academic success.

The Canvas Student app operates on both iOS and Android devices, and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes app store and the Google Play Store.

The app receives respectable reviews, and most users are happy with its functionality, though there are some complaints that alerts only show up when teachers add content in specific sections.

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Is Canvas Student safe for my kids?

Canvas is safe for children, but the content hosted on the platform may not be. Canvas is not responsible for the content of online courses and discussions, which may challenge or offend some users, and the network supports direct, one-on-one unsupervised communication with students and instructors.

While the platform is not anonymous, and abusive behavior is reportable, this may not eliminate all content and communications your family deems objectionable.

Canvas Student is safe for kids, though it is designed to be used in college and university settings. The chat and discussion features are closed to the class, and issues like cyberbullying rarely arise from a class discussion board.

The app provides students with the benefit of being able to view course material, submit assignments, and ask the professor or fellow students questions on the go, which can help them perform better in the chaotic environment of college, where there are many different courses and assignments shooting off in different directions at all times.

Communicate clearly with your child about your expectations for online social conduct and sharing, and make sure they are aware of how to handle abusive, threatening, or harassing interactions if they should occur.

While an online environment, Canvas is still an extension of the classroom and children and teenagers should be expected to behave accordingly.

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