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The Email Home app, a launcher, makes it easy for users to access their email with a single swipe of their finger. Rated for users of all ages, Email Home is only available for Android devices, is free to download, and does feature in-app advertisements. The Email Home app is safe for kids.

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What is Function - Email Launcher?

For smartphone users who are email-centric, Email Home is the app for them. A launcher, the Email Home app makes it easy for users to access their email with a single swipe of their finger.


Rated for users of all ages, Email Home is only available for Android devices and is free to download in the Google Play store. Users should be aware that the Email Home app features advertisements that can often be intrusive.


What’s a launcher? Well, Android phones differ from Apple devices in that their interface is fully customizable -- iOS devices come with presets that dictate how a user’s phone will look or be set up.


With a launcher Android users can modify the look and feel of their device to best suit their preferences and needs. There are two basic categories of launchers available to Android users: design and smart.


Design launchers are precisely as they sound, featuring an emphasis on aesthetic with functionality coming after.


Smart launchers prioritize activities by putting the most important information out front.


The Email Home app is a smart launcher as it makes email the prioritized feature of a user’s Android phone with all other features secondary.


Why use a launcher? Aftermarket launcher apps will appeal to those with older Android phones as it gives them a way to refresh their phone and its functionality.


Those Android users who seek a fully customizable experience with their smartphone will also be drawn to launchers that enable them to dictate how their phone functions. An example of this would be a user programming their launcher to open Instagram when they double tap the screen.


For those people who need or desire immediate access to their email inboxes, or want to check their email with a simple tap of the screen, the Email Home app may be the solution for them.


Swipe to the right for “at-a-glance” email access without a long load time, or use the Mobile Optimized Voice Search to launch an app or search the internet quickly. 

Is Function - Email Launcher safe for my kids?

This app is safe for kids. Parents should be aware that the Email Home app is an all-in-one launcher, which means that a user’s home screen will be replaced once this is uploaded.

Many users do not realize that the Email Home launcher replaces their existing home screen and is unable to transfer over their saved settings, and they begin to panic once they’re unable to locate other favorite apps.

Per the developer, “Email Home replaces your default launcher and provides an uncluttered, simplified home screen. Icons are conveniently organized by type.”

It’s important to note that the Email Home app rates rather well in the Google Play store with a 4.4 user rating. There are, however, associated quirks with many users complaining about the rearrangement of icons on their screens after downloading the Email Home launcher.

Another user commented “Took over my phone and not in a helpful way at all. Mixed up all my emails, so I was looking at junk first and foremost.

Turning it off didn't work either, it just came right back!” Another common complaint is that Email Home users are unable to delete emails from the app and that full-screen ads can often be a nuisance.

Apart from the few user complaints, parents don’t have much to worry about with the Email Home app, as it merely functions to make a more custom user experience. 

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