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About Disney Magic Kingdoms
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What is Disney Magic Kingdoms?

The Disney Magic Kingdoms app is a theme park building game where users are tasked with rebuilding a virtual Disney World after its destruction by the evil queen Maleficent. Using iconic characters and Disney attractions familiar to fans of the Disney network and its various properties, older kids will enjoy the challenge of building a thriving theme park with their favorite characters.

Action is limited by a “cool down” model, where players must either wait real time between opportunities to act or pay to have the timer reset with in-game currency. These “gems” are awarded to the player through in-game actions, purchased with real money, or given to the player in exchange for watching in-app advertisements.

While engaging for younger children, older players may have more (and more rewarding) fun by moving on to teen and adult titles in the genre of management games.

Is Disney Magic Kingdoms safe for my kids?

The content of this app is guaranteed to be safe for children, but the business model can be overly expensive and frustrating. Parents who are concerned with titles that drive in-app purchases will have a lot of issues with the Disney Magic Kingdoms app. 

While kids can download and play this game for free, Disney's Magic Kingdoms is tightly constructed to drive in-app purchases and addictive engagement. The in-game currency depletes quickly, with players becoming more limited and driven to acquire more in order to complete even trivial in-game tasks. 

These gems can be purchased with real money via a credit card or given in exchange for watching in-app advertisements for other Disney products. While some gems are awarded for in-game activities, it is quickly more expensive to earn gems in this manner than to purchase them directly.

The app accesses your credit card through the iTunes interface. Once a card number or PIN is entered, it does not need to be provided again in order to make subsequent purchases. When an iTunes password is entered to enable a purchase, there is a fifteen minute window where any additional in-app purchases can be made without further permission, or even accidentally. This can quickly make playing the Disney Magic Kingdoms app more expensive than a parent intends.

Parents may want to communicate clearly with their child regarding your limits and expectations regarding in-app purchases. If your child is too young, or too impulsive, to reliably control their purchasing behavior, you may want to skip on this app until they are older or disable in-app purchases entirely. The in-app advertisements featured in this title are mostly for other Disney titles, and therefore safe for children, but some redirect to third-party sites. 

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