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Angry Birds POP! is a tile matching-style game from Rovio, developers of the massively popular Angry Birds series. Angry Birds POP! can be downloaded in the App Store and the Google Play Store.  It is rated for everyone and does feature in-app purchases and advertisements.  This app is safe for kids but parents should be aware of the purchasing potential.

About Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter
In-App Purchases

What is Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter?

Angry Birds POP! is a tile matching-style game from Rovio, developers of the massively popular Angry Birds series. Players use a slingshot and a limited number of colored “bubbles” to clear each level by hitting clusters of three or more matching bubbles. These clusters will disappear on impact, sometimes dropping attached, non-matching tiles as well.


Angry Birds POP! can be downloaded in both the App Store and the Google Play Store.  It is rated for everyone and does feature in-app purchases and advertisements.

Along the way, players can also free trapped animals (as in Angry Birds: Rio), eliminate pigs, and trigger special blocks with unique gameplay functions.

While play isn't timed, as with many tile matching games, players are limited by the number of bubbles they're issued to clear each level. Failure to clear a level without running out of bubbles costs one “life” – unless the player pays to continue without restarting their session. When the player loses five lives, play ends unless the user purchases additional lives or requests assistance from other Angry Birds players via the game's social features.

Angry Birds POP! features a number of characters familiar to fans of the franchise, particularly the Stella cartoons. Each bird has a special maneuver which is unlocked for a single use after filling a Pop Meter by clearing several clusters of bubbles in a row.

This game is engaging and challenging, with more levels than any other published Angry Birds title.  Players new to tile matching-style games may find some of the mechanics confusing, but it is an otherwise accessible and entertaining title.

Is Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter safe for my kids?

While the content in Angry Birds POP! is safe for children, we hesitate to recommend it for young children due to the incredible amount of in-app purchasing opportunities in this title. Parents should set very clear expectations about whether or how much their child is allowed to spend in this way, or consider blocking in-app purchasing on their device entirely.

The Angry Birds POP! game features several different kinds of in-app purchases and advertisements. While not strictly necessary to play the game, they confer significant advantages – and are offered very regularly during play. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Purchasing additional bubbles to continue playing during a level.
  • Purchasing additional lives – or soliciting them on social media.
  • Watching advertisements to gain advantages in the next round of play.
  • Purchasing infinite lives, boosters, or additional advantages in 'packages'.

Younger players, especially preliterate children, will find the various offers, inducements, and purchasing opportunities confusing, especially when they interrupt gameplay. These children will require at least limited supervision while playing Angry Birds POP!.

Even older players will need a little help playing this title, however, and not due to its complexity. Angry Birds POP! uses in-app purchasing to a degree some players won't be familiar with, and parental guidance on how these micro-transactions work – and how game design can sometimes complicate the real cost of these purchases while encouraging a kind of addiction response to their use.

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Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Parent Rating


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