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Clover Dating is a dating app that allows users to meet new people and search for individuals based on specific criteria, such as location and body type. It’s free to download and use from iTunes and Google Play, but there is the option of in-app purchases to unlock more features. Clover Dating is not safe for kids or teens.

About Clover - Live Stream Dating
In-App Purchases

What is Clover - Live Stream Dating?

Through the use of profiles, chat rooms, and search filters, Clover Dating allows users aged 18 and older to find potential romantic interests that fit their personal criteria.


Users can download and use the app from iTunes and Google Play for free, but there is the option of in-app purchases of paying $29.99 per month in order to unlock other features, such as advanced search filters and read receipts.


Similar to Badoo, Clover Dating uses location as a main factor when recommending potential matches. However, what sets Clover Dating apart is the ability for users to further filter their searches based off of other criteria, like body preferences and occupation.


Once a user has downloaded the app, they will be prompted to either sign-in via Facebook or create an account by filling out a detailed personal profile. After, they can select their search criteria and begin looking for singles in their area.


Users can upload up to 100 different photos to their profile and limit who can see their profile based off of location and age.


If you come across a user that you are interested in, you have the option of “favoriting” that user. Additionally, you can see which individuals have favorited your profile.


When chatting with other users, it is possible to send audio messages, as well as photos and videos.


In addition to matching with other users and private messaging them, you can also join public chat rooms and find a variety of local meetups and events in your area.


A common complaint amongst users is that ever since the newest update, members must upgrade to the premium account in order to message their mutual matches.

Is Clover - Live Stream Dating safe for my kids?

Parents should know that Clover Dating is a dating app that is reserved for individuals aged 18 and over, and is thus not safe for children or teens.

Because of the nature of this app, users must submit extensive amounts of personal information, including name, location, occupation, interests, age, photos and more.

Additionally, if a member chooses to link their Facebook account, personal information from their profile will then be linked to their Clover Dating account.

Although this app does contain a large amount of private information, it is possible for users to restrict who can see their profile based off of age and location.

Due to the fact that communication amongst users is both private and unrestricted, Clover Dating allows for the possibility of inappropriate conversations, such as sexting, as well as communication between users and online predators.

If a user interacts with an individual that makes them uncomfortable or acts inappropriately, it is possible to block their profile and report their behavior to the app.

It is important for parents to know that because users can select the age range that they are interested in, it is possible for teens to match with other members that are older than them.

Despite the fact that Clover Dating does a good job at allowing users to find perfect matches, it still remains unsafe for children and teens due to its inherent nature and opportunities for unrestricted communication.

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