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Ballarina is a gaming app, where players race a bubbled zebra down streets crowded with ballerinas, spikes, and other obstacles. The Ballarina app can be found on both the App Store and the Google Play Store for free.  It does advertisements but there are no in-app purchases.  This app is rated for everyone and is safe for kids.

About Ballarina – A GAME SHAKERS App
In-App Purchases

What is Ballarina – A GAME SHAKERS App?

Ballarina is a video game spin-off from Nickelodeon's Game Shakers series, where players race a bubbled zebra down streets crowded with ballerinas, spikes, and other obstacles. Users can customize their zebra with colored skins, accessories, horseshoes, and other upgrades.


The Ballarina app can be found on both the App Store and the Google Play Store for free.  It does not feature any additional in-app purchases but does feature advertisements.  This app is rated for everyone.

The Ballarina app is one of nearly a dozen games 'designed' by fictional characters in the series, where two seventh-graders operate a multi-million-dollar game design company in Brooklyn, NY with the help of a rap superstar named Double G, his son Triple G, and a beta tester/comic foil named Hudson.


Other games in the Game Shakers series include:

  • Sky Whale
  • Dirty Blob
  • Tiny Pickles
  • Punchy Face
  • Pop Star Surgeon
  • Scubaroo
  • Pick It, Scratch It, Pop It
  • Octopie
  • Psycho Beach Mummies
  • Llama Llama Spit Spit

As the titles suggest, these games are targeted at pre-teens and older. While not especially sophisticated, they are engaging and fun titles which fans of the show are likely to enjoy.

Is Ballarina – A GAME SHAKERS App safe for my kids?

Like many Game Shakers titles, Ballarina is safe for children, though the games contain gross-out humor and comic violence. Parents may want to check out a few clips from the show and associated properties before approving the Ballarina app to see if the game's humor is appropriate for their family.

While some households may object to the lowbrow humor in Ballarina and other Game Shaker titles, this game is broadly appropriate for pre-teens and contains no adult content. While this game is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB, it does contain mild fantasy violence.

The Ballarina game does not feature in-app purchases and the full version is free to download and play. Ballarina does include in-app advertisements for other Nickelodeon games and apps, however, so parents should consider whether Nickelodeon's broader pre-teen content is appropriate for their children before installing this game.

Parents may wish to discuss the appropriate times and places for “clean but juvenile” humor (ie, fart jokes and mild sarcasm) before installing Ballarina or associated games from the show.

Ballarina does collect both personal and non-personal user data from children who download and play Ballarina. It requires access to local media and files in order to run, and collects some personal data in order to personalize advertisements and in-game content. This data is protected under standards codified in relevant US and EU law.

For US users, developers of the Ballarina app are required to demonstrate active safety measures for all online interactions, compatibility with parental control measures, parental access and notification of all personal data pertaining to their child, actionable procedures for responding to safety issues if they should arise, and effective privacy and data security measures for the app and all data it collects.

Some potentially identifying information is collected by Google, as well, and maintained in accordance with Google's standards and practices regarding personal information.

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Ballarina – A GAME SHAKERS App Parent Rating


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