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Beyblade Burst is a game for existing Beyblades fans, where users can develop their virtual Beyblades for battle against other players or computer-controlled opponents.

The Beyblade Burst app can use the phone camera to scan in a code on your child's Beyblade toys and import them into the app as virtual playing pieces. Once digitized, the Beyblades can be customized by changing their color scheme, attached parts, and abilities. Users create personalized profiles that display a player's icon, color and chosen continental team for battle. 

Players can battle in matches with friends and compare their achievements on the Friend Leaderboard. 

Users can also battle other players worldwide. In order to compete against others, players will need to have access to the internet. Winning allows players to unlock virtual playing pieces. As players win matches and earn achievements, they level up from beginner to Beymaster.

Beyblade Burst is available for iOS and Android.

Is BEYBLADE BURST app safe for my kids?

Beyblade Burst app is safe for kids, but requires a Beyblades toy purchase. While there is no mature content in the Beyblade Burst mobile app, but there is cartoon violence and violent competition in this game.

Beyblade Burst requires a range of permissions which privacy-focused parents may find questionable. Access to the camera for scanning in codes from physical toys is part of the game's core functionality, but it's harder to see why this game needs access to all your stored contacts and media.

Possibly of greater concern to parents, however, is the degree to which the Beyblade Burst app and associated products encourage consumerism in children. Research has shown that acquisition-driven properties like Beyblade Burst can have real and measurable impacts on the psychological health of children.

The Beyblade series is one of many arena combat-themed franchises, with cartoons, comic books, and digital apps functioning as a marketing ecosystem to sell a line of branded toys and merchandise. The main drive of the characters is to acquire more powerful items in order to prove their superiority over other characters. All character development is considered in relation to becoming more effective in this pursuit.

Parents may want to maintain open communication with their children and carefully monitor the depth and degree of their child's involvement with Beyblade Burst and similar games that encourage consumerism. 

While it's entirely possible to enjoy consumer culture in a way that's safe for children, all kids are different. Even within a family, it's possible for one child to enjoy games like Beyblade Burst responsibly, while another is being harmed by its not-so-subtle messages of competitive consumption.

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    Reviews: 2

  • Heather J.

    This app is only fun if you already have beyblade toys at home

  • Becky M.

    My son loves this game! He already has some of the toys and plays this all the time.