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About Candy Fever
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What is Candy Fever?

Candy Fever is a successful clone of the insanely popular Candy Crush, published by MobileGuru Games of Fanling, Hong Kong. The mechanics and style will be immediately familiar to players of match-three tile games. 

Candy Fever does not use randomly selected drops, but is built more like a puzzle game. Unfortunately, this means that some levels are actually impossible to complete when released and players have to wait for updates to continue. 

There are three single player modes in the Candy Fever mobile game: 

  • Normal:  Match the required number of candies in order to progress to the next level.
  • Quick Play:  Make as many matches of three or more as possible in a sixty-second interval.
  • Infinite Mode: Play as long as you like, with no objectives or time limits. 

Players can acquire candies with special abilities by matching series of four candies or more at a time, such as boosters or obstacle-clearing candies.

There are currently 200 Candy Fever levels, with more added during frequent updates. Scores per level and a star rating system (based on the degree of success solving each puzzle) are reported on Candy Fever leader boards.

Is Candy Fever safe for my kids?

While Candy Fever is safe for kids in terms of its content, there are two areas of concern for parents installing this application: excessive in-app advertising and broad permissions.

The in-app advertising in the Candy Fever mobile game is incredibly extensive, with some users complaining about having to watch as many as four ads between levels in order to continue playing. Even if Candy Fever itself is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB, this rating does not cover content served by the ad networks themselves.

Ads for gambling sites are common on mobile ad platforms, as are ads for less-safe titles or ad content which uses scantily-clad women and sexualized characters to attract users.

There are also ad banners in some versions which blink constant on the screen during play. This is both incredibly irritating and an active hazard to some epileptic users. 

If you feel your child can recognize and ignore these ads in a safe manner – some parents report teaching children to literally cover their device with a pillow while ad content is displayed between levels – Candy Fever itself contains no objectionable content.

This application does require some rather broad permissions for a free, off-line capable Candy Crush clone, however. 

Users are also offered extra lives for leaving positive reviews of Candy Fever online, which makes this application seem more popular than it necessarily is. Even these users, however, often complain about the amount and persistence of in-app advertising in the game.

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  • Samantha A.

    My kid has a lot of fun playing this game