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Angry Birds 2 is a video gaming app where users must launch angry birds via slingshots at green pigs in order to save their own eggs. It is available to download from iTunes and Google Play and is rated for users of all ages. This app features in-app purchased and advertisements and is safe for kids.

About Angry Birds 2
In-App Purchases

What is Angry Birds 2?

Angry Birds 2 is a video gaming app and the second edition in the mega popular Angry Birds video gaming franchise where users must launch angry birds via slingshots at the enemy, green pigs, in an effort to save their own eggs.


This app is available in both the App Store and the Google Play Store. It is rated for users of all ages and features both in-app purchases and advertisements.


When users open this app for the first time, the game take some time to load and then provides a quick tutorial for new users without the ability to skip. The object of the game is knock down wooden and rock structures by flinging birds at them. In these structures are green pigs and users must knock them down to eliminate the pigs and eventually rescue their eggs from the King Pig.


There are a great deal of levels so users will definitely not tire of the game quickly. This game also feature daily challenges that can help users level up and earn rewards.


In-app currency in this game comes in the form of feather, gems and pearls.  All of which help players continue to advance, refill lives, or be used to purchase boosters and extra moves.


Common user complaints speak to the difficulty of the game as it progresses as well as the the need and ease of spending to advance. Users also often complain about glitches that cause them to lose boosters and slow game loading and play.

Is Angry Birds 2 safe for my kids?

This app is safe for kids. This game is mostly innocuous for kids but parents should be aware that this app does feature very mild cartoon violence. There is no gore, even of the cartoon variety, pigs just quickly disappear in a poof of smoke.

Parents should know that as users progress through this game, they will have the option to play in multiplayer games and join a clan of other players. In doing so they will also be able to chat with other players. Kids chatting with strangers on any platform can be risky and expose them to online predators and this should be considered before parents allow their children to use this feature in the game.

That being said, users are able to mute users in chat as well as report them. The chat feature does not seem to feature any moderation though Angry Birds’ terms of service state that hate speech, racism and other discriminatory language, obscene or sexually explicit language, threats or harassment, bullying, swearing and cursing will not be tolerated.

Additionally, as users commonly complain this app quickly becomes very addictive and players are often tempted to spend money on this game.  Parents should set clear spending expectations with their children before allowing them to play this game.

There is no age verification for this game, but Angry Birds’ terms of service do require users to be 13 years of age and older to play.  If users are younger than this age, they should have parental consent.

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