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About Burner - Free Phone Number
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What is Burner - Free Phone Number?

Text Burner is an app designed for users to place anonymous calls and texts. The app is free to download, but a user must buy message and call credits to use. Text Burner is best used for situations where a person doesn’t want their real phone number to be known such as online dating, craigslist, or possibly applying for a job out of state, where the applicant would want a local area code on their application.

Is Burner - Free Phone Number safe for my kids?

The basis of Text Burner is anonymous texting and calling, making it an extremely easy way for kids to get caught up in bullying or inappropriate phone behavior. Unless there is a clear reason why a child needs an anonymous phone number, this seems like an app that will cause nothing but trouble for kids and teens. Apps like Text Burner take anonymous social activity one step further where a person on the receiving end doesn’t even know who they are talking to. It’s too easy for kids to use this app to send inappropriate or harassing texts to another kid, in which they can pretend to be anyone and then screenshot and share the interaction. Text Burner charges for messages and calls, so it has the potential to hurt not just kids, but also their bank accounts.

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