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Calculator Plus is a calculator app designed to bridge the gap between the simple smartphone calculator and an advanced handheld calculator. This app is available on both iTunes and Google Play for no cost. The calculator plus app is safe for kids but is best suited for children ages 4 and up.

About Calculator Plus with History
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What is Calculator Plus with History?

Calculator Plus is a practical calculator app designed to go further than the default smartphone calculator app.

This app is available for free download on both iTunes and Google Play. Calculator Plus is rated E for everyone and is recommended for ages 4 and older.

Calculator Plus is an app that aims to make calculations easy and fun for its users. Featuring a crisp display and allowing users to do complex calculations, Calculator Plus is the perfect tool for everything from balancing a checkbook to tricky math homework.

This app also allows users to save their past work in memory and automatically saves your work when you close out of the app so you can return to it at any point. Calculator Plus features more advanced calculation options such as square roots and numbers like pi, allowing you to backspace at any point if you make a mistake.

While the app download is free and there are no in-app purchases, the app does feature advertisements, though the developer does offer users the opportunity to pay a small upgrade fee to avoid advertisements during use. Several reviews rave over how user friendly this app is and many note that it is easy to see and quite helpful in tackling everyday tasks.

Is Calculator Plus with History safe for my kids?

The Calculator Plus app is a practical computational app that is safe for kids to use. It is best suited for kids ages 4 and older who better understand the functions of a calculator but can be used by kids of all ages for their math needs. 

Parents should know that this app offers way more than a standard phone calculator app, allowing users to square numbers and work with numbers such as pi. This is a great tool for a busy kid as the Calculator Plus app allows you to save your work and backspace as needed instead of having to start your calculation over entirely. 

This app is free but does feature in-app advertisements

The Calculator Plus app is a great homework tool for kids of all ages as it has basic and advanced functions and puts an emphasis on making this work more appealing through a variety of visual features. This app is a great tool for kids who are learning math and also those who are putting it to use in trying to calculate the best job to take for the summer. 

There is no age verification when downloading this app nor when you begin using it. The Calculator Plus app is safe for kids and a great resource to have on your phone or tablet.

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