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Brushes Redux is a painting platform designed specifically for iOS devices, which offers a variety of useful features for a clean, crisp painting experience. The app is free to download and use, and can be found in the iTunes app store.

About Brushes Redux
In-App Purchases

What is Brushes Redux?

Brushes Redux is a creative painting app and a mobile painting studio for iOS devices. The app is populated by a number of features aimed at creating a seamless creative process with few limits outside of the imagination of the user.


Brushes Redux has 14 brush shapes, all with adjustable settings to get the perfect lines and shading. Artists can adjust color opacity, invert and desaturate colors, add up to 10 layers which can be locked, hidden or duplicated.


iPad users have the option to adjust color balance, color hue, saturation, and brightness to really make the paintings express their purpose and mood.


Brushes Redux is integrated with Dropbox, so artists can import and export images for use outside of the app.


One fun feature is the painting playback, with which artists can replay their painting, helping them better understand and even teach their creative process right from their device.


Brushes Redux is free to download and use on iOS devices, and, as such, it can be found only in the iTunes app store.


Ratings and reviews for Brushes Redux are not overwhelming, scoring a 3.4 out of 5 in the iTunes app store review section, though there are a number of users who do absolutely love this iteration of the Brushes series, praising the ease and simplicity of its interface while also having access to so many useful tools.  

Is Brushes Redux safe for my kids?

The Brushes Redux creative painting app is a safe for kids. The app is rated for users 4+, and it is really a great platform for users of all ages, as it is easy enough to use for younger kids who want to draw and paint, while also offering enough features and flexibility for more experienced artists to enjoy the platform.

Of course, it is difficult to replace the feel and texture of physical drawing and painting, but as far as touch screen interfaced art applications go, Brushes Redux executes well.

The app is safe from various social or chat platforms and also does not have any in-app purchases, so it is a safe place for kids to explore their creativity and develop their artistic and fine motor skills.

Brushes Redux does help to cultivate these skills, but it is important that kids spend time drawing, coloring, and painting on physical paper or canvas, as the ability to transfer skills learned from tech settings to physical, concrete world applications is just as vital as the development of those skills in the first place.

Learning in a physical as well as technological setting also helps children become more well-rounded in their abilities, so parents should encourage creativity in both spaces.

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