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About Boom Beach
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What is Boom Beach?

Boom Beach is a combat strategy game in which players scout enemy bases, plan tactical moves and then invade, all while building and defending their own headquarters. 

Free to download, Boom Beach features in-app purchases to further enhance game play. Boom Beach is a real-time game, and players have the opportunity to team up with other players around the world for game play.

While in-app purchases can certainly allow players to upgrade at a much faster rate, patient players are rewarded with upgrades after a wait. Clash of Clans players will see striking similarities in Boomer Beach, with a key difference - upgrades don’t take weeks.

Like many other games in this realm, gameplay is divided into quadrants, where players must construct their home base from the ground up. As time passes, players are eligible for better equipment to outfit their headquarters.

Boom Beach pits both computer generated and live players at each other, and has a surprising feature - game play continues even after a player has logged out! Upon logging in, players will receive recaps of the events occurring during their time away from the game, even instances of defeat. 

Boom Beach gives players a playback of the events during their time away, so they can see how they were defeated, as well as to learn from such attacks.

Once a player takes over an island (and frees the enslaved islanders), they begin profiting or accruing gold from that territory. This gold can then be used as currency to complete any needed upgrades, such as further construction for base fortification.

Is Boom Beach safe for my kids?

The game developer, Supercell, wants parents to feel comfortable letting their children play their games, which includes Boom Beach, so they devote a page on their website to address and ease parental concerns. 

In short, Supercell states “To make sure you can enjoy Supercell games in a safe and controlled environment, we stick to a clear set of principles”, which includes being given information about the game’s content before play begins, as well as making it perfectly clear when a purchase is about to be made within a game. 

Supercell also has a dedicated email for parents to contact them with questions or concerns.

Parents should be aware that the app store rates Boom Beach for ages 10 and up, however, Supercell clearly states that all of their games are meant for children 13 years or older

As this is a war game, parents should expect weapons and killing to play a large role in the game, and while killings are not graphically depicted with blood, fallen members do cry out.

While Boom Beach features live players, parents will be interested to learn that interaction is limited between players. 

Players from around the world may combine forces to create special task forces, or they can simply attack one another’s bases, but players have no way of directly communicating or chatting within the game.

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