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A fast-paced block puzzle with no time limits, Block! Hexa Puzzle is a gaming-app that is suitable for all ages and has users move blocks to fill up shapes and advance to the game’s next level. The app is available for free download from iTunes and Google Play and has both advertisements and in-app purchases.

About Block! Hexa Puzzle™
In-App Purchases

What is Block! Hexa Puzzle™?

Block! Hexa Puzzle is a simple gaming-app in which users must strategically move blocks in order to fill up every space in a shape. It can be downloaded for free from iTunes and Google Play but does offer the option of in-app purchases in order to receive special features, such as puzzle hints.


In exchange for using the app for free, users must periodically watch advertisements for a certain number of seconds.


It is not necessary to create an account, and users can start playing immediately after they download the app. Once the app is downloaded, players do not need to have WiFi or data in order to play.


The app contains over 300 different puzzles of varying difficulty that users can progress through. When playing for the first time, users must start at the easiest level.


While the blocks cannot be rotated, they can be dragged around and moved to different spots. Because there is no time limit, users are not pressured to immediately solve each puzzle.


In-app purchases range between $0.99 and $9.99 and can be made in order to receive hints and remove ads.


The app is incredibly popular, as it has been downloaded almost 500,000 times, and many positive reviewers have said it is both exciting and fun. However, some users have reported that the ads are too long and that the app occasionally crashes.

Is Block! Hexa Puzzle™ safe for my kids?

Block! Hexa Puzzle is safe and appropriate for kids of all ages. Additionally, it does not require any age verification.

Parents should be aware that Block! Hexa Puzzle does offer the option of in-app purchases. If parents do not want their child to be able to make purchases, they can simply disable the in-app purchase setting in the device.

Although the app is suitable for all ages, parents will need to decide if they believe their child is old enough to be playing a video game.

For younger children, parents can monitor and regulate how much time they spend on the app. For teens, parents can have a discussion with them regarding tech addiction and what is an appropriate amount of time to spend playing virtual games.

It is important to note that the app does not have access to users’ locations and receives very little personal information due to the fact that players do not need to make accounts.

Finally, the app does not allow users to communicate with each other, thus eliminating the possibility of inappropriate interactions or children coming into contact with online predators.

With proper supervision, Block! Hexa Puzzle is safe for children of all ages.

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