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Filled with exclusive content and interactive features, PINK Nation allows users to shop their favorite PINK items, engage in polls, download phone wallpapers, and more. While this app’s targeted audience is college students, it is still suitable for ages 12 years and older. It’s free to download from iTunes and Google Play, but does provide the option of in-app purchases.

About PINK Nation
In-App Purchases

What is PINK Nation?

PINK Nation is the mobile app for the popular Victoria’s Secret clothing and lingerie line known as PINK. In addition to providing users with insider information and promotions, the PINK Nation app allows individuals to make purchases in a quick mobile format, similar to that of the Amazon Shopping app.

This app is available for both iOS and Android devices and is free to download and use but there are in-app purchases available.

Besides shopping, users can also earn badges, check their local weather, and utilize the PINK bra guide.

Once downloaded, users can either sign in to their pre-existing PINK Nation account or create a new one. If a user is a new member, they will also receive an exclusive shopping offer for when they make their first in-app purchase.

When creating an account, it is obligatory that the user provide their email, full name, and mailing address. However, providing additional information, such as the user’s birthday, college, and mobile phone number is optional.

The purpose of the account is to allow individuals to make secure purchases, as well as to save information, such as their location and the badges that they have earned.

All of these features are free for account-holders and payment is only needed if a user wishes to purchase PINK merchandise.

While the PINK Nation app is generally highly rated amongst users, some individuals have complained that it runs slowly, making it difficult to scroll through certain pages and open up games and features.

Is PINK Nation safe for my kids?

Safe to use by teens over the age of 12, PINK Nation allows users to have access to exclusive PINK content, as well as to make in-app purchases of PINK items.

While it is acceptable for teens to use, parents should know that the app specifically targets college students, as it allows users to receive news regarding their local PINK campus representatives.

The app does not require any age verification, as it is not obligatory for the user to submit their birthday details.

Additionally, parents should keep in mind that although the app does not contain overly explicit content, many of the Victoria’s Secret and PINK items that are available for purchase are considered to be lingerie and undergarments.

Once a user completes their first purchase, their payment information is saved by the app in their PINK Nation account, meaning that users are free to make as many purchases as they like as long as they have the login information.

For parents that would like to monitor what their children purchase, it is best to not share the account’s login information, as well as to logout of the account once purchases are completed.

If parents would not like for their child to be able to make purchases, they can simply have their child only use the app for its free features, rather than for shopping.

It is not obligatory to submit credit card or Paypal details when creating the account.

Because the app does store location, payment details, and past purchases that generally reveal a user’s measurements, parents may choose to pay particular attention to account setting options and ultimately decide that they do not wish for the company to have access to so much of their child’s personal information.

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