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BeyondMenu is a food delivery app that is available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store. It is rated for everyone and does not include any additional advertisements.  In-app purchases are available in the form to restaurant ordering. Though this app could be safe for kids, parents may want to find a more reliable app.

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What is BeyondMenu Food Delivery?

BeyondMenu is a food delivery app that pulls restaurant information and puts it into a single, easily accessible platform. 

Users can search for local restaurants, order food for pickup or delivery, and make reservations with just the tap of a finger. Users can read restaurant reviews and check local coupons or special offers within the BeyondMenu platform, and then place order directly through the app. 

BeyondMenu is free to download in both the App Store and Google Play Store. It is rated for users of all ages and does not include any additional advertisements.  In-app purchases are available in the form to restaurant ordering.

A quick look online shows a slew of unhappy customers and bad reviews, ranging from hungry customers to restaurant owners. The BeyondMenu app seems to be plagued with glitches, from unexplained order cancellations (many without notifying the customer), payment methods not being accepted or simply declined, in addition to orders not going through (despite customers receiving confirmation), and more importantly, restaurants not getting paid by the app for food orders.

There are, however, some happy customers, who like BeyondMenu for the ability to scan thousands of area restaurants, read restaurant reviews, browse menus and check for local coupons before ordering takeout. 

BeyondMenu saves past orders for easy reference, and allows users to reorder a previous meal order with a simple tap of the finger. Happy customers like BeyondMenu because it offers them the ability to order from restaurants who do not have online ordering capabilities through their own sites, in addition to offering the ability to place an order when a restaurant’s phone line is constantly busy.

Is BeyondMenu Food Delivery safe for my kids?

Parents should know that BeyondMenu is a food order and delivery app, similar to many other competing food delivery apps, with one exception - they have horrible reviews. While easy food ordering and delivery can be a great, safe option for college students seeking late night sustenance, BeyondMenu may not be the app parents want their children to use.

Users should be warned that their food orders may never arrive or be prepared for pick-up, despite receiving a confirmation from BeyondMenu, as many restaurant owners are not honoring orders through the app. 

In addition to consumer complaints about the BeyondMenu app, many restaurant owners are displeased with the service, saying that the app is building online ordering pages without asking restaurants for permission first, and then refusing to take restaurants out of their database upon their requests.

Parents should know that many complaints about the BeyondMenu service pertain to using their credit card to pay through the app. It should be noted that order cancellations by restaurants are often not reflected in the app, forcing users to contact customer service for payment credit.

Additionally, parents should consider that if a user orders delivery, they will be interacting with strangers.

Many of the complaints are by customers who never received credit for cancelled or undelivered orders through BeyondMenu. In short, parents should advise their children to seek another app for easy food delivery.

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