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About Animal Puzzle For Toddlers
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What is Animal Puzzle For Toddlers?

Animal Puzzle Games is designed to teach younger children their basic colors and shapes using animal- and jungle-themed puzzles and games. The art is engaging and colorful, keeping children entertained while they learn valuable early academic and electronics-handling skills.

The free version of the Animal Puzzle Games app features two core games, with three levels each. The first level is a shape-matching game, where children drag matching shapes onto animals in a cartoon jungle scene. In the second, more advanced level, your child will complete animal-shaped puzzles by dragging and dropping pieces into place.

The full version of the game expands these offerings and can be unlocked for $2.99. This does not require any registration or additional information about your child, which keeps personal information entirely out of circulation.

Is Animal Puzzle For Toddlers safe for my kids?

While Animal Puzzle Games is safe for children from a content perspective, it is targeted at very young children – which raises issues for some parents about the appropriate amount and manner of its use, or if electronic entertainment is at all appropriate for children ages two-to-four.

The American Society of Pediatrics recommends that children in the age group most appropriate for Animal Puzzle Games be limited to one hour of electronic entertainment per day, provided they are at least over eighteen months of age. At eighteen months or younger, the recommended amount of screen-based entertainment is zero hours.

While the ASP exempts educational activities, online learning, and internet-enabled communication with friends or family members, it is for individual parents to decide whether or not Animal Puzzle Games is at all appropriate for this age group, regardless of in-app content or content rating.

While there is still considerable disagreement between developmental professionals as to how much electronic entertainment is acceptable for younger children, if any, parents can observe their child's behavior to determine if Animal Puzzle Games is being used in a healthy way.

Animal Puzzle Games is a healthier and more effective learning activity if enjoyed with your child as a play activity, rather than something they are handed to explore independently. This will not only increase the educational benefits of the game, but serve as a fun bonding activity for the child and their parent, older sibling, or caregiver.

To get further educational benefit out of this app, consider supplementing it by 'researching' the featured animals (by finding realistic pictures or video) or taking breaks to identify other objects in the room which match the colors in the game.

In order to have the best experience with the Animal Puzzle Games app, children will need (or need to learn) a few basic electronics-handling skills. At a minimum, children will need to at least be familiar with basic touchscreen interactions, such as tapping to select or dragging and dropping.

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