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Benji Bananas is an entertaining vine-swinging game for iOS and Android devices. Great for younger players, Benji Bananas is free to download and play, but does include in-app purchases. The game is available in the iTunes app store and the Google Play store.

About Benji Bananas
In-App Purchases

What is Benji Bananas?

In the Benji Bananas gaming app, players take on the role of a monkey, swinging from vine to vine to avoid treacherous obstacles and collect bananas and other fruits.


The cartoon graphics are silly and fun, but sharp enough to provide a crisp experience. There are numerous landscapes to swing through and even special power-ups to use like a jetpack or an eagle ride. Players can cash in bananas for different props and outfits for their monkey.


Benji Bananas is rated for users ages 4 and older and runs on both iOS and Android devices. The game, which is free to download from the iTunes app store and Google Play store, does include advertisements and a number of in-app purchases, most of which allow players to buy bananas to spend on outfits and upgrades, and range from $0.99 to $23.99.


These purchases are not necessary to play the game, but provide additional outfits, costumes, and upgrades that are fun to use. The game receives a 4.2 out of 5 rating in the iTunes review section, but written reviews from users complain about a nearly overwhelming presence of advertisements that makes Benji Bananas frustrating and sometimes glitchy to play.  

Is Benji Bananas safe for my kids?

The gameplay of Benji Bananas is safe for kids of all ages. Parents do not need to be concerned about any violence or mature content in Benji Bananas.

Also, there is no platform to chat with or meet other users – the game is completely single player.

What may be of concern is the heavy presence of advertisements and in-app purchases. Advertisements often pressure users to buy or download other apps, which are usually safe for younger users when the ads are featured on a game such as Benji Bananas, but could lead to unexpected expenses and kids playing games that parents are unaware of.

Outside of this, ads are just plain frustrating and have a negative effect on the gameplay experience. The in-app purchases are also very tempting, as players will want to deck out their monkey in the best gear and outfits.

Parents should have a discussion with kids about downloading apps or making in-app purchases without permission, and set ground rules pertaining to these situations. 

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