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Anchor is an app that allows users to instantly record, edit, and share their own podcast episodes, as well as to track their number of listeners and look at analytics. It is available for free download in iTunes and Google Play. This app is suitable for mature teens. 

About Anchor - Make your own podcast
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What is Anchor - Make your own podcast?

With a variety of features such as the ability to add transitions, import voice messages from listeners, and rearrange audio, Anchor is an app that enables users to create high-quality podcast episodes. It can be downloaded for free from iTunes and Google Play.


Because Anchor works on almost all phones that have a functioning microphone, it can be used anywhere in the world. Additionally, you can host an episode with other individuals or your friends as long as they have the app on their phone.


Once the app is downloaded, users can choose to either create a new account or use their Facebook login credentials.


To begin recording, simply press the red microphone button located at the bottom of the app. The buttons above the microphone can be used to access certain features, such as user comments, adding music, or viewing all of your previously recorded podcasts.


If you would like to browse podcasts made by other Anchor users, click on the “Listen” button in the bottom left of the app. Members will be able to discover your episodes in the same place once they are published.


To edit your profile and settings, or to view your episodes and download them, click on the “Profile” button in the bottom right.


When you have finished creating an episode, you can easily share it with popular podcast databases, such as Apple Podcasts.

Is Anchor - Make your own podcast safe for my kids?

Although iTunes rates Anchor as being safe for all ages, it is recommended for mature teens. Because the app does not not restrict users’ content, hosts are able to record anything they like, even if it’s explicit, violent, inappropriate, or personal.

Parents should know that because users can browse other podcasts, it is possible to listen to episodes that contain mature themes or profanity.

It is important to note that other users have the ability to listen to your podcast episodes if you publish them within the Anchor community.

This creates the possibility of children and teens coming into contact with strangers, and many parents may not be okay with this, particularly if the child is sharing any personal information while recording.

Anchor is completely free and does not offer the option of in-app purchases, thus preventing parents from having to discuss spending limits with their child or disable the in-app purchase setting for the device being used.

Finally, Anchor accounts do require large amounts of personal information and the app tracks users’ locations. Parents will have to decide if they feel comfortable with their child’s data and details being shared with the app.

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