As parents ourselves, we understand that smartphones, social media, apps and other digital media and devices are here to stay, and that in many ways, it’s a good thing. But for some of us, our relationship with digital media can be complicated.  

We struggle with how to understand and navigate our children’s technology use. Here at Zift, we believe that knowing how our children are spending their time online, with whom and what they’re doing, is essential. 

At Zift, we believe that…

  • Parenting is the most important job in the world. 
  • All parents need an ally to reinforce their values.
  • All parents need a resource to keep informed and able to speak their kids’ language.
  • Teaching kids how to safely use technology is essential in today’s world.
  • Balanced technology use has a positive impact on a child’s development.
  • Parents shouldn’t have to be an IT expert to stay on top of what their kids are doing online.
  • Technology can bring families closer together.
  • Confident parents raise confident kids.