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The YouTube TV app allows users to utilize the television streaming service on-the-go with mobile devices for up to six users with three simultaneous streams. This app is rated for users 13 years of age and older but parental controls within the app are limited. This app is safe for kids but parental supervision is recommended.

About YouTube TV: Live TV & more
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What is YouTube TV: Live TV & more?

The YouTube TV app allows users to utilize the television streaming service on-the-go with mobile devices. The YouTube TV app is available for both Android and iOS devices.


While the YouTube TV app is free to download, users must have a subscription costing $39.99 per month to utilize the app.  YouTube TV is available for users ages 13 years of age and older; users must have a Google account to register.


An option for those families choosing to cut the cable cords, YouTube TV provides television streaming and recording of over 50 channels, for a monthly subscription cost.  Premium channels, such as Showtime are also available at an additional monthly charge.


The YouTube TV app allows users to stream their shows on their mobile devices with up to 3 simultaneous streams per account. The likelihood of children using YouTube TV without a family subscription is likely slim, as the subscription cost is high for children.


While YouTube TV originally rolled out in five major cities, it’s expanded significantly, but is still limited to specific metro areas.  Users interested in the service will need to verify that the area in which they live is being served by YouTube TV.


It’s also important to note that YouTube TV is automatically connected to Nielsen ratings tracking and those users who wish to disconnect their YouTube TV accounts from Nielsen ratings must visit the Nielsen website directly in order to submit an opt out preference.


YouTube TV’s DVR capabilities have both positive and negative aspects to it. On the positive side, YouTube TV allows subscribers up to 6 user profiles per family (each sub-account, however, must have a Google address). YouTube TV’s DVR feature allows unlimited recordings, without storage limits, at no extra charge, which far surpasses traditional cable provider DVR capabilities.


However, there is a downside to YouTube TV’s DVR, especially for those who like the ability to fast forward through commercials with their recorded shows. YouTube TV replaces DVR recordings with on-demand streams, if available, which do not allow users to fast forward or skip through ads.


That alone could be a deal breaker for some, so it’s an important aspect to consider before ditching cable and grabbing a YouTube TV subscription for $40 per month.

Is YouTube TV: Live TV & more safe for my kids?

With terms of service stating that users must be ages 13 years or older to download the app, younger users must have adult consent to use.

Younger children will likely be using a parent device to stream, making it easier for adults to monitor the shows that are being streamed through the service.

It is, however, important to note that the central parental concern with the YouTube TV app is that there is really no solid parental control filtering aspect to the app. Families subscribing to premium movie channels, which often play mature films, will want to monitor their children’s use of the app.

And while filters can be set on the device being used, allowing users to toggle between G and PG-rated content, it’s incredibly easy to deactivate those settings.

For this reason the YouTube TV app is safe for kids but parental supervision is recommended.

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