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About Yubo (Formerly Yellow)
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What is Yubo (Formerly Yellow)?

Known as “Tinder for Teens”, Yubo (formerly called Yellow) is a free social networking app that connects users aged 13 through 17 with each other based on location tracking. 

Utilizing location technology, users are shown other nearby Yubo users and given the option of swiping right (if they like what they see) or swiping left (if they’re not interested in linking up with that user). 

Once a mutual match is made, those users are now Yubo “friends”. They can connect by sharing pictures, messaging or live streaming.

In order to create an account, users must enter name, birth date, gender, and whether they’re interested in meeting males, females or both. 

Once that information is entered, users are prompted to upload a selfie to their account for matching within the app. 

Once users have created their accounts, they are then asked if they want to meet people nearby, and the app then shows users potential matches in their vicinity.

Users are required to allow access to their phone’s location data, in order to use the app. In addition to being matched with strangers nearby, the town in which their child lives is prominently displayed on their profile, along with their name and age.

Is Yubo (Formerly Yellow) safe for my kids?

Yubo (previously called Yellow) is not safe for kids and even though it is rated for "T" for "Teens", with a minimum age requirement of 13, parents should know that children younger than 13 can easily download and create an account for this app. 

In fact, if a user enters an age younger than 13, the app automatically defaults to an age 13 birth date, rendering the minimum age requirement function useless. 

There is also no way for users to verify their age or identity, which makes Yubo a potential vehicle for strangers to contact your teen.

Yubo is not recommended for kids or teens, as the absence of privacy settings, no parental control options or filters, live streaming options, access to location services is required and children are paired with nearby strangers. 

Yubo features an internal messaging function, which allows users to chat once they’ve been matched or become “friends” on the app. Again, this feature puts children in direct contact with strangers, no matter their age. 

As the app’s messaging feature isn’t moderated, parents should know that conversations can contain inappropriate content, such as:

  • Sexual references/innuendo

  • Drugs/alcohol

  • Profanity

  • Sexting and mature images

In terms of content, parents should be aware that Yellow, the previous version of Yubo, has made headlines for being a vehicle for sexting, exchanging pornographic images and potentially exposing teens to child predators.

Since Yubo (formerly known as Yellow) requires users to allow access to their phone’s location data, children are providing enough identifying information to put them at risk. Add the fact that the app is meant to connect strangers, parents should encourage their children to stay away from the Yubo app.

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  • Joe R.

    I dont care if this is meant for teens, mine aren't allowed to have any kind of friend-finding app because its just not safe