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WhoIs is a caller ID and spam blocking phone app available for iOS users only. WhoIs is free to download, but users will find added functionality by subscribing to the premium version.  WhoIs terms of service restrict use to those users ages 13 years and older.  This app is safe for teens with parental supervision.

About Whois - Number Search
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What is Whois - Number Search?

WhoIs is a caller ID and spam blocking phone app available for iOS users only. While WhoIs is free to download, users will find added functionality available by subscribing to the premium version at $89.99 for six months. WhoIs offers a free trial, after which users will be charged for a six-month subscription. WhoIs terms of service state that use of the service is restricted to those users ages 13 years and older.


Not to be confused with the WhoIs web domain lookup, the WhoIs app functions to let users access more detailed information about the phone numbers from which they receive calls.


The average user likely will not see an investment value in the service for $180 per year, but someone who has had their mobile phone number sold to third parties could greatly benefit from the service.


The novelty of the WhoIs app is that mobile phone number reverse lookups are not always free or easily accessible which is where it excels.


And for those users who have had their information sold, the app can be invaluable in showing them which numbers to accept or reject. With phone scammers getting smarter, the WhoIs app offers a valuable service to those who have had their information compromised, or unsuspecting people unaware of the number of scams that abound.


WhoIs provides a line of defense against phone scammers and annoying telemarketers by giving detailed caller information to inform a user whether they should accept the call or reject it.  

Is Whois - Number Search safe for my kids?

The free version of the WhoIs app provides all the following features:  

  • History of all searched numbers
  • Identify caller by name, country, telephone provider
  • Search unknown numbers
  • Get to know who is calling before picking up or calling back
  • Protection from spam calls 

Premium WhoIs subscribers receive all the above features, in addition to a spam blocker and a built-in number search, for a subscription price of $89.99 every six months.

Some parents may wish to install the WhoIs app on their child’s phone for added security but should note that to do so is in violation of the app’s terms of use.

Those parents who opt to install the free version of WhoIs on the child’s phone should know that it is easy for kids to subscribe or select the “free trial” which charges users at the end of the trial period.  

While the WhoIs app’s terms of use are a little lengthy, they can best be summarized by the final sentence: “All liability unconditionally belongs to user.”

Finally, the WhoIs app’s privacy policy is clear about user age:

“Although our Service is a general audience Service, we restrict the use of our service to individuals age 13 and above. We do not knowingly collect, maintain, or use personal information from children under the age of 13.”

This app is safe for teens with parental supervision

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