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What is Whisper?

Whisper is a social networking app that encourages users to post exactly what they're thinking, anonymously,  so other users can comment and offer advice on the subject. 

Posts are “whispers”, which the application superimposes over imagery supplied by the user or automatically matched by the Whisper app.

The online community of Whisper is tied to the user’s geographic location. Users can search under topics and reply publicly or open a personal chat. Whisper allows users to connect in groups based upon their interests and location, beyond its primary use for “telling secrets” or broaching subjects they might be too shy or embarrassed to discuss in other contexts.

Whisper was designed in part to address a trend in social media towards “performative” sharing for validation and image projection at the expense of more honest social exchanges. 

With Whisper, there is no public image to defend or develop; users can say what's on their mind anonymously, with fewer possible consequences for online vulnerability.

Is Whisper safe for my kids?

What makes Whisper unsafe for kids is the same feature most users love about it: the anonymous aspect of the platform. 

Unfortunately, anonymous confessions of vulnerability, paired with the location-based grouping, can be used to identify possible victims to predators in the area.

This vision has not been perfectly executed, however, and Whisper's user tracking and archiving of user posts have exposed it to serious criticism. The anonymity provided by the app isn't unbreakable, despite Whisper's implicit claims to the contrary. Personally identifying users is trivially easy with the information Whisper collects; it's not that they can't identify users if they choose, but that they choose not to.

While the app is rated 17+ by the ESRB, it does allow users over the age of fifteen years to use the platform. 

Age verification is easily spoofed, however, and younger users can quickly get in over their heads without a basic understanding of how to protect their anonymity and privacy online.

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  • Gary S.

    Anonymous confession app? definitely don't want my kids using this