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Visual Schedule is a visual learning app designed to be an educational aid for kids with different learning needs. This app is available solely on Google play for free but offers in-app purchases. Visual Schedule is safe for all kids to use but is recommended for kids 9 to 12.

About Visual Schedule
In-App Purchases

What is Visual Schedule?

Visual Schedule is an educational app designed to aid kids with different learning needs. This app is rated E for everyone but is recommended for kids ages 9 to 12.

Visual Schedule is available exclusively on Google Play for free but offers in-app purchases that cost $3.49 per item.

Visual Schedule is an app that was designed for children with learning differences but can be useful for people recovering from traumatic brain injury or older adults who are struggling with memory. Visual Schedule aims to help in routine forming by providing visuals of different phases of the day such as a picture of clothing as a reminder to get up and get ready for school.

This helps in setting expectations of tasks and in reminding users the effort required to perform each task. Using a visual reminder of the daily routine helps the app’s users to form an association between what must be done and when, helping them to establish the order of tasks each day.

Many reviewers write that while this is a good app and serves the purpose it is intended to, you are only able to create three schedules with the free version of the app so users cannot edit the schedule daily without purchasing an upgrade.

Is Visual Schedule safe for my kids?

Visual Schedule is a picture-based educational app that is safe for kids of all ages to use. This app is best suited for kids 9 and older who can better make connections between pictures and activities they must perform day in and day out. 

Parents should be aware that the free version of this app only allows you to make three schedules, so if you plan on editing the schedule often, you will incur charges. 

This app can be  a great tool for parents to use with their kids or with elderly parents to help them create and remember daily routines by creating a platform that allows for visual reinforcement and reminders of one’s daily activities like brushing your teeth and making your bed. 

In the app, users can virtual check things off their daily to-do list, giving kids a way to track their progress and a feeling of accomplishment when completing activities. 

Visual Schedule is similar to other apps that aim to help children with learning differences establish a daily routine, such as Children with Autism: A Visual Schedule and Scheduled.

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