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A scheduling app that allows users to customize and plan their days, Visual Schedule Planner places particular emphasis on helping individuals that require extra audio or visual support. It can be downloaded for $14.99 from iTunes. It is safe for all users aged 6 and up.

About Visual Schedule Planner
In-App Purchases

What is Visual Schedule Planner?

Visual Schedule Planner is a scheduling app that allows users to plan their days by adding a variety of customized audio and visual representations for their different tasks. It is only available for download in iTunes and costs $14.99 to purchase. There are no additional in-app purchases that can be made.


This calendar app allows users to view their schedules from a daily, weekly, or monthly point of view. Once the app is purchased and downloaded, users can then add specific events or tasks. The events are customizable and individuals can add their own photos, videos, or voice clips.


There are additional features to help keep users on track, such as a built-in timer, reminders, notes, and checklists. With these features, as well as the other customizable options that are available, the app is meant to help children and adults who find visual and audio support to be particularly beneficial, whether it be because of anxiety, or simply a difficulty with transitions.


Visual Schedule Planner can be as customizable as you would like it to be. If you do not wish for you or your child to have access to certain editing features, you can choose to create a password for the app and simply hide certain choices.


The app generally receives average reviews, and some users have complained that the high number of personalized options makes the app too complicated and overwhelming.

Is Visual Schedule Planner safe for my kids?

Due to its lack of mature themes, it is safe for kids and suitable for all users aged 6 and older. Because of this, there is currently no age verification process in place to purchase or use the app.

Parents should know that the app contains many personalized features that might be complicated and frustrating for younger children. If your child does not have a firm grasp of technology or does not understand how to organized their daily schedule, it might be best to use the app with them and help guide them when adding their different events or tasks.

Because the app does not allow users to interact with other individuals, there is no risk of children coming into contact with Internet predators or having inappropriate conversations.

Additionally, the app does not offer any in-app purchases once the initial payment has been made, meaning that parents do not need to worry about their child making any purchases without their consent.

Finally, it should be noted that the app does require access to a substantial amount of personal information, such as a user’s location, contacts, and phone data. Some parents may not be comfortable with an app-developer having this much access to their child’s private details. If this is the case, you should prevent your child from using the app altogether.

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