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What is Tykoon?

· Tykoon is the financial education tool for kids and their parents, empowering kids to develop stronger financial values with real money and real-life experiences – all under the safe and watchful eye of their parents.

· Tykoon is a tool for kids and their parents, empowering kids to have control over their allowance and learn how to make smarter financial decisions, in an environment that is controlled and supervised by you. Co-founded by LendingTree founder, Doug Lebda and his daughter based on their real-world experience.

· Pay allowances virtually and track what you owe your kids. When they want to go spend real money, you simply pay them and deduct it from his or her balance

· Kids can make proposals to earn extra money and you can respond quickly and easily. Parents can make proposals to kids as well.

· Assign Weekly allowances and approve when money gets “paid.”

· Track your kids spending to ensure that their habits are in-line with your family’s financial values.

· Instill balanced long-term financial practices that extend into adulthood by allocating earnings to the savings and setting savings goals.

· Kids can track their earnings and expenses all from one place·

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