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Find My Device is an Android app used to locate a lost or stolen phone, tablet or watch. The Find My Device app allows users to lock, erase or show a message on their lost or stolen Android device. Rated for users of all ages, Find My Device can be downloaded in the Google Play store.

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What is Private Photo Vault - Pic Safe?

The Super Ace Security app advertises that it can clean viruses from Android phones, act as a booster and app cleaner, in addition to offering AppLock to optimize user phones and keep them secure and running fast.


However, the reality is that Android devices do not need anti-virus applications because the user is the only one who can install items on their device.


There are two ways users can avoid malware from attacking their Android device, both of which involve user control. The first way an Android user can protect their device is to make sure that the “Allow Unknown Sources” box remains unchecked under their security settings.


The other way Android users can keep their devices running safely is only to download apps through the Google Play Store, as Google checks the apps they accept into the store.


Because many people think of their Android device as a small version of a Windows desktop computer, they automatically assume that they need virus protection. The reality, however, is that Android devices function similar to Apple desktop computers, requiring user permissions for applications to access hardware.

In fact, Android devices have a built-in malware checker, to a certain extent, relegating third-party malware and antivirus checker apps unnecessary; these third-party apps duplicate what Android devices are already doing and unnecessarily drain battery life by continually running in the background.

Is Private Photo Vault - Pic Safe safe for my kids?

Is the Super Ace Security app is safe for kids? The answer is yes. While not necessary to have on a user’s phone, users give the Super Ace Security app a 4.6 rating and seem generally pleased with the app and its performance.

What’s interesting to note is that many of the user reviews state that the Super Ace Security app “seems” to work well for them, meaning that those users think the app is functioning correctly in keeping their device secure and free of malware and viruses, but they’re not entirely sure.

Other user feedback includes multiple responses stating that the Super Ace Security app is unobtrusive, while others complain about the deluge of ads the app serves, whether or not the user has it open at the time.

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