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Spotify is a music streaming app that allows users to search their favorite artists, albums, and songs to listen to on their mobile device. It's free to use and download, though there are in-app purchases available and users can upgrade to a premium monthly subscription account. It is rated for users ages 12 and older and is safe for teens.

About Spotify Music
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What is Spotify Music?

Spotify is a music streaming app that allows users to search their favorite artists, albums, and songs to listen to on their mobile device. With Spotify, users can follow their friends and favorite artists to stay in the know about the latest songs and trends.

Spotify is free to download and use, but the free version contains ads and is feature-limited. Premium users can play any song they like at any time, or even download favorites for offline listening. 

The in-app ads are also disabled for Premium users.

The application has been at the center of a number of controversies, from business practices which arguably under-compensate artists to several high-profile security breaches. 

Is Spotify Music safe for my kids?

Spotify is safe for older kids and teens, but parents should be aware that account registration requires a lot of personal information, and that profiles will be public by default. Users can set their profiles to "private" in Spotify's settings. 

Usage is tracked by Nielsen audience metrics software, though users can opt out at any time. The audience tracking software does not identify individual users, but does track general information about what content is played on what kinds of devices, and where.

Spotify is also doesn't offer an content filter for profane or explicit content. Children can be exposed to inappropriate music and lyrics without any parental control options, making this a difficult app to recommend for unsupervised use by young children. 

Parents may want to discuss music choices with their child, both as a means of connecting and to keep your eye out for inappropriate material entering their playlists.

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    Reviews: 3

  • Krista G.

    We have a kids playlist that they can add their favorite songs to once we approve them. Then, they can listen to those all they want!

  • Gary S.

    We love listening spotify at our house! They have some already made kids' playlists that are perfect for car rides.

  • Camila R.

    We listen to spotify a lot but it depends on which artists you follow. Some songs have bad words in them.