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Designed to help reduce anxiety and increase happiness levels, Spot Smile Brighten Your Day is a simple gaming app that has users select images of happy people for 30 seconds at a time. It is free to download from Google Play and does not have in-app purchases. It is rated E for everyone and is safe for all ages.

About Spot Smile, brighten your day
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What is Spot Smile, brighten your day?

The Spot Smile Brighten Your Day app uses a technique referred to as cognitive bias modification in order to help reduce negative thoughts and improve one’s mental health. When you begin focusing on happy images, it is thought that the brain can be trained to turn away from unhappy or depressing images.


By making this transition towards happier thoughts, the goal is that individuals will be better equipped to handle stress, anxiety, and depression.


The Spot Smile Brighten Your Day app seeks to accomplish this by having users play a game where the task is to select all of the happy images that the user sees within 30 seconds or less. It is recommended that users play the game a minimum of once per day.


After downloading the app from Google Play, users can create an account and begin playing. Users can also upload their own images of themselves or others smiling in order to incorporate them into the game.


The app also provides users with simple graphs that show how well you do during the game on a month-to-month basis.


Spot Smile Brighten Your Day has received very positive reviews, but some users have reported that they are unable to save their own images to the app’s image gallery.

Is Spot Smile, brighten your day safe for my kids?

Spot Smile Brighten Your Day has few drawbacks and is safe for kids and teens to use. Because of this, there is no age verification.

While the app is considered to be safe for all ages, parents should only let their child start using apps and playing phone games when they are comfortable that the child is old enough.

Allowing your child to utilize the app only when supervised by an adult can be a good compromise.

The app’s simple features, including the game’s images and result graphs, do not contain any mature or inappropriate themes.

However, if you believe that subtle references to the topics of anxiety, stress, or depression will be difficult or too mature for your child, make sure to monitor their use of the app and discuss the themes with them beforehand.

It is important to note that the app requires very little user information and does not track your location.

Additionally, users are not able to communicate with each other, consequently eliminating the potential threat of online predators.

Although the app’s intent is improve the user’s mood and mental health, all internet-games should be played in moderation. Set boundaries with your child in order to monitor how much time they are spending on the app and prevent a tech addiction.

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