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About Skylanders Creator
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What is Skylanders Creator?

Skylanders Creator lets kids use their imagination to create their own Skylander and embark on an epic adventure in order to save the mystical land of Skylands. 

Users can import their creations from the app or the compatible video game and then use their own characters to unlock new gear that they can take into battle. Users are also able to share their new characters with friends.

While the Skylanders Creator app doesn't need Imaginators to function, it can be less fun. All the same tools are available in Skylanders Creator that kids can use in Imaginators, though many start out in “locked” chests that open at a rate of one per day. But, importing a character from elsewhere that carries locked gear will automatically open the associated chest.

New characters can't be transferred directly from the Skylanders Creator to Imaginators. Creators characters can only be ported into Imaginators by purchasing a 3d printed model or Imaginator card of their character and placing it on the Portal of Power.

Is Skylanders Creator safe for my kids?

Skylanders Creator is safe for kids. Parents should know that their children are able to share their character creations with friends. 

Skylanders features a variety of character-themed in-app purchases. You can also go to the shop and buy/order 3D Figures, cards, and T-shirts.

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