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About Simple Radio - Free Live FM AM
In-App Purchases

What is Simple Radio - Free Live FM AM?

Simple Radio is a live AM/FM and internet radio streaming app, that allows users to tune into their favorite stations, no matter where they’re located, on their mobile device. 

Simple Radio boasts a smooth listening experience, without annoying lags or buffering, with a streamlined design, making it easy and virtually foolproof for users. 

The free version of the Simple Radio app prominently features ads, while Premium users receive an ad-free station search and listening experience (apart from typical station advertising).

The Simple Radio app allows users to stream any of over 40,000 radio stations found across the globe. Simplifying mobile and web radio listening is the app’s mission, and they do not fall short. Users can directly input their favorite local station, or search by genre, country, state or city for station recommendations. 

Using the search menu, users enter in their search term and a populated list of results appears; the list shows each station’s logo, full name, location and a description of their genre. It’s interesting to note that the Simple Radio app also allows users to stream municipality fire and emergency scanners.

Once a user finds a station they like, they can add it to their “Favorites” for a smoother listening experience. When users log into their Simple Radio app, their home page populates with a list of favorite stations, making it easy to tap on a station and immediately begin listening. 

The app makes it simple to add, remove and manage favorite radio stations, further streamlining the listening experience.

Is Simple Radio - Free Live FM AM safe for my kids?

The Simple Radio app features no options for screening stations, so parents should be aware that their children may be exposed to music and/ or talk radio that features explicit language, sexual content and drug, tobacco and alcohol references. Because of this, we only recommend Simple Radio for teens and adults.

However, Simple Radio can offer a lot to listeners, especially in the form of unrestricted listening. Long road trips through the mountains do not interrupt Simple Radio streaming, and people living away from their hometown or abroad can stay connected with the ability to live stream local radio broadcasts. 

From a cultural standpoint, Simple Radio has a lot to offer people sheltered in all corners of the globe. 

Listeners can discover new music, and new music styles from around the world, and foreign language learners will appreciate the ability to develop their skills by being immersed in the language through streaming stations across the globe.

Parents should be aware that users listening with the free version of the Simple Radio app will encounter advertisements along the way. One common user complaint is the positioning of an ad banner directly under the search menu at the top of the screen, making it easy to accidentally tap the ad. 

Ad free radio streaming comes at a cost, as Simple Radio features in-app purchases. For $2.99, users can have an ad-free experience, as well as adding a sleep timer, to automatically turn off radio streaming at a set interval.

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