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This App Contains...
Live Streaming
Videos can be shared
Location Tracking
Photo Sharing
Photo sending/receiving
Stranger Danger
Interacting with strangers
Mature Content
Adult Content/Themes
About Shou
In-App Purchases

What is Shou?

Shou is a game streaming app created for kids to stream their gaming sessions, watch others, and chat in the process.

When gamers broadcasts their game play it is deleted after twenty-four hours. Users can message in the chat rooms and purchase coins for virtual avatars.

Is Shou safe for my kids?

Shou is safe for mature kids, but may require some adult supervision. Parents should be aware that registration does require personal information or registering through a social media account.

Parental supervision may be necessary for younger users because the chat rooms and broadcasts are not monitored. Additionally, the developers have not yet created an age filter or restriction, so adult gamers can join this community.

The in-app purchase of coins can be used to buy virtual avatar gifts for users to give to their favorite broadcasters, as well as games that are accessible in the app store through the app itself. Parents may want to password protect in-app purchases.

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