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About Scholly
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What is Scholly?

Developed to assist potential and current college students, the Scholly app is the mobile version of their existing website, which aims to make the college scholarship application process easier. 

For a small monthly fee, high school seniors, current undergraduates and graduate students can use Scholly’s patented adaptive matching engine to generate targeted lists of scholarship opportunities.

Scholly also features tips and tricks for the college application process, including college essay prompts and sample “winning” essays.

Scholly is a college search tool, matching high school seniors, current undergraduates and graduate students with scholarship opportunities. Scholly’s driving mission is that “everyone should be able to afford access to a quality education, regardless of who they are, where they’re from, or what they have.”

Scholly is comprised of two sections: the scholarship database and essay tips and tricks. Application and essay tips and tricks are accessible on the platform without the monthly subscription fee, but students can not access the database of scholarships without a subscription.

When students sign up for a Scholly account, they’re prompted to provide their basic information, such as full name and email address, as well as the option to connect the account to their Facebook account. 

As students proceed, they’re prompted to enter in as much detailed information about themselves in the parameters, such as the state in which they reside, race, gender, GPA and college major, to better match them with scholarship opportunities. 

Personal information, helpful with filtering through the more than 20,000 scholarships listed in the app, can be as detailed as whether the student is left-handed, vegan, or if anyone in their immediate family suffers from a specific disease, such as ALS or diabetes.

Once students input their detailed information, they are presented with a highly targeted list of scholarship opportunities. 

Users can export the list of scholarship opportunities Scholly generates, to further track and explore, or they can access additional information about specific scholarships through the app. It’s important to note that students can not apply for scholarships directly through the Scholly app, but they can track their application process through their account.

The essay portion of Scholly, which is free to access, provides several college essay prompts, in addition to sample essays. Essays cover a range of topics, including community service, goals, knowledge and leadership.

Is Scholly safe for my kids?

Parents should know that this app is safe for kids and the scholarships listed on Scholly are hand-picked and verified by a team, not simply trusting algorithms to successfully weed out scams. 

It’s also important to note that Scholly updates the scholarships on the site monthly, and continually update and add information to scholarships listed in their database, as well as removing opportunities that are no longer available.

Parents should know, however, that educational reviewers have noted that the essay samples are not especially well-written, and that the app would greatly benefit from more solid essay writing tips.

While many have criticized Scholly’s “pay to play” model, charging a monthly subscription for access to information readily available on the internet, the app has matched students with over $70 million in scholarship money. 

Students looking for a more streamlined college scholarship search may find the $2.99 monthly subscription well worth the time savings Scholly provides.

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