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Reddit is a candid discussion app for top news and events. This app doesn’t feature any in-app advertisements or purchases and is rated for users ages 13 years and older. It can be found in both the App Store and the Google Play Store for free. This app can be safe for mature teens with parental supervision.

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What is Reddit?

Reddit is a discussion app, that takes top news and events and opens them up to the community for candid discussion. A voting system helps keep popular topics at the top of the Reddit app, as well as cutting down on nonsensical commentators.

The Reddit app is free to download and use, does not feature any in-app advertisements or purchases, and is limited to users ages 13 years and older. It can be found in both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Overall, the Reddit app is robust, allowing users to do everything they’re able to do on the web platform.

Users are able to get full access to their user profile, which lists their Reddit Age (join date), Karma (points given when user comments and links are upvoted by other members), History of activity, Saved posts, My Posts, My Comments, Upvoted, Friends, Hidden, and Image Uploads.

How the Reddit app works, is that it functions as a type of message board, divided into tons of different topics or categories known as subreddits, where users submit links (usually to a news piece or article of interest) or begin a discussion or ask a question with a text post.

Because it’s almost entirely self-regulated, Reddit uses a voting system, in which items of value are upvoted by users, and those items or comments that don’t add to the conversation are downvoted. Content with the most upvotes is featured at the top of Reddit user’s feeds.

Is Reddit safe for my kids?

Parents should know that the Reddit app is mobile access to the popular conversational forum site. And while the Reddit app is limited to users ages 13 years or older, parents with content concerns should limit access to only those more mature teens. It is not safe for kids.

Since Reddit has pretty much every topic covered and can include pornography, drug and alcohol use and abuse, suicide, death, and pretty much any other topic a parent would wish to limit their minor having access to.

Because Reddit is made up of the user base or community, conversations will be candid, can often be vulgar, and very often can contain misinformation.

Parents only mildly concerned about the content their children will encounter on the Reddit app can apply the NSFW (Not Safe For Work Filter), in addition to specific keyword filters to filter out unwanted or undesirable content from showing in a user feed. This, however, is simply a small screen, and not intended as a child filter

Reddit has a lot of positives to point out, particularly when it comes to field experts. A fun Reddit feature is AMA (Ask Me Anything), where experts like a NASA scientists or an historian, answers community questions for a certain period of time.

Because Reddit users retain anonymity, discussions are typically more open and candid. Parents should be aware that the anonymous aspect of the Reddit app also brings out the worst in people, and children can encounter bullying and trolling in the forums from other members.

For this reason, the Reddit app is geared more towards mature teens and adults, able to participate in online discussion and debate, but also able to walk away when encountering bad behavior.

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