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About EduKitty Apps Cubic Frog
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What is EduKitty Apps Cubic Frog?

The EduKitty app is a collection of games by educational game develop Cubic Frog, who create simple learning games for children. Kids perform a variety of skill-building tasks in this app, like sorting shapes and identifying colors, with encouragement from an animated character named “EduKitty”.

Once a child completes a game, the EduKitty praises their performance and rewards them with a sticker for their virtual collection.

This app is best for children age four and under and, like all Cubic Frog titles, is available in twelve languages.

EduKitty Toddler Learning Games features thirteen games, with three difficulty levels, for teaching basic conceptual skills to toddlers. The free version includes six games.

Is EduKitty Apps Cubic Frog safe for my kids?

The EduKitty app is safe for children, but may be somewhat frustrating. There are in-app advertisements in both the free and paid versions of the game, with the free version regularly prompting the user to upgrade.

Even the paid version is somewhat glitchy, according to online reviews, and occasionally confusing. Children may be praised for incorrect answers, for example, or  be accidentally presented with un-skippable ads.

The American Society of Pediatrics recommends children in this age group be limited to less thatn one hour of electronic entertainment per day. Parents of children eighteen months of age and younger  – the youngest age for which the EduKitty Toddler Learning Games app is designed – are probably better off with face-to-face or physical activities, instead.

For this reason, and due to the prevalence of in-app advertisements and glitches in EduKitty Toddler Learning Games, it may be best to enjoy this title socially with your toddler. You may be available to fix any glitches that come up, and your child will benefit from the additional face-to-face interaction.

To get the most fun out of EduKitty app, your toddler will need some basic touchscreen handling skills.

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