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PowerSchool is the mobile app for those students and parents within school districts using PowerSchool. This app allows students and parents to access school information, including attendance, grades, and test scores, from anywhere. It is free to download, is rated for users of all ages, and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

About PowerSchool Mobile
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What is PowerSchool Mobile?

When users log into the PowerSchool app, they’ll see a home screen with menu options listed at the bottom: Dashboard, Grades, Assignments, Attendance. Parents with multiple students will simply tap the arrows next to the student name at the top of the screen to navigate to the next child.


Parents have the option to filter the information presented by either tapping “Filter” in the upper right hand corner of the screen (on iOS devices), or tapping the floating gear in the lower right hand corner (on Android devices).


Under the Filter menu parents will see the option to “Group/Sort by,” and they will choose either the period or course name. To filter grade information by terms, parents simply tap the term they wish to view to select, as indicated by the arrow placed next to that term.


When viewing student grades, users will see either a period or course name (whichever method they’ve chosen to sort by), with a letter grade indicated. Below the letter grade will be a grade percentage, if the teacher has chosen to enter this percentage.


It’s important for parents to note that a zero will show in the numerical percentage area if a teacher has chosen not to input or show percentage grades; always go by the letter grade indicated first.


If a teacher has included comments, this will be indicated by a blue conversation cloud, located next to the grade on the screen. Parents simply tap on the final grade to view teacher comments. Parents may also select grades in the dashboard to view any comments for that particular class.


Attendance information is easily accessed by tapping on the Attendance menu option, which will show both absences (notating whether each absence is excused or unexcused) and tardies. 

Is PowerSchool Mobile safe for my kids?

The PowerSchool app makes it easy for parents to contact teachers, by making teacher contact information readily available and accessible. This app is rated for users of all ages and is safe for kids to use.

Parents should note that they must have created an account in the parent portal to be able to access the PowerSchool app via mobile device. Parents who do not have an account should contact their school for information.

Parents simply tap the subject or class for the teacher they wish to contact, tap on the teacher name, and contact information will be shown. Parents can tap the email address link directly, and a new email will populate in their email client.

The PowerSchool app makes it easy for students to empower themselves and take charge of their school information and progress. For parents, the PowerSchool app serves as a one stop access point for all student data, from assignments to teacher comments, and makes it incredibly easy to stay on top of their childrens’ school progress.

That teacher contact information is readily available is an added bonus, allowing parents to quickly send a message to their child’s teacher, wherever they may be.

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  • Glen G.

    Great app. So nice to stay in touch with kids grades and class progress. No more waiting for surprises from report cards.