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The Amazon app is an e-commerce mobile app that allows customers to shop from the Amazon website. Rated for users in their teens and older, Amazon Shopping is free to download and use, but does feature advertisements and in-app purchases. It is safe for mature teens.

About Amazon Shopping
In-App Purchases

What is Amazon Shopping?

The Amazon Shopping app is a convenient way for Amazon customers to browse the e-commerce site, create wish lists or retail items, and manage their accounts from their mobile devices. Amazon Shopping app users can simply use the app to conveniently search and shop on the go, or they can drill into the many other app features to streamline their online shopping. 

With online shopping growing year after year, the Amazon Shopping app offers a variety of benefits to its account holders and users. Users can easily shop through the app, in addition to managing all of their associated Amazon accounts and devices. 

Once downloaded, existing Amazon account holders log into the Amazon Shopping app with their login details, while first time Amazon shoppers create an account to begin shopping.


Once logged into the app, existing Amazon customers will find all of their account information available including order history, wish lists and registries, as well as account details for any subscriptions or linked Amazon devices. 

Is Amazon Shopping safe for my kids?

Rated for users in their teens and older, Amazon Shopping is free to download and use, but does feature advertisements and in-app purchases.

It is safe for mature teens, but parents should be aware, however, that the Amazon Shopping app is, first and foremost, an e-commerce app, intended for users to purchase items through a mobile device.

Parents allowing their children to shop through the app with their account should be aware that payment information is saved within Amazon accounts, and accessible through the app, so users should log out of the app each time they are finished using it. 

Parents wishing to budget their children’s spending through the app may opt to create a secondary account for their child and load Amazon gift cards with a predetermined amount to spend; this option is helpful for those families using Amazon devices, such as Kindle or Fire, in which children will have access to app downloads.

Parents should know that Amazon Shopping does feature ads within the app, however users have the ability to tweak the ad content served. 

To change advertising details, users should navigate to “Your Account,” under the main menu, and scroll to the bottom sub-menu, “App Preferences". From here, users can select to receive personalized ads or opt-out of the personalized ad option (which uses cookies to serve ads based upon browsing history).

Because of the abundance of information stored in the Amazon Shopping app, parents will want to pay close attention to App Preferences, Personalized Content and Account Settings, when downloading the app. 

1-Click Settings is another feature to watch out for, as it allows users to make purchases quickly without going through several screens for verification (which can lead to mindless purchases and spending). 

Each of the aforementioned app features contain a significant amount of personal information, going far beyond a customer's payment information, and parents may not wish to have so much information about their children stored and used by the company.

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