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About Photo Editor by Aviary
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What is Photo Editor by Aviary?

The Aviary Photo Editor app is the mobile image editing companion app for Aviary, a popular and powerful web-based photo editor. This app is intended to put layer-based, professional-level image editing tools within reach of newcomers who aren't quite ready for Photoshop, but have progressed beyond entry-level image editing tools.

There are standard editing tools such as orientation, text editing, saturation, red-eye reduction, multiple paint/erase brushes and more for a total of about 20 tools; additional tools can be purchased for more advanced editing techniques. Users can also add stickers, frames and overlays, edit colors, use filters, and more.

The basic Aviary tool set supports a range of basic photo editing operations, such as contrast adjustment, saturation, orientation, and cropping. Additionally, users are given access to advanced tools with a user-friendly interface, such as:

  • Layer-based image editing
  • Visual effects
  • Palette matching
  • Vector editing

Basic image operations, such as red-eye reduction and cropping, are also featured in the Aviary mobile app, as are specialized tools like the Meme template (adding poster-style captions to images) and Splash (which converts an image to greyscale, with the ability to 'draw' color back into highlighted sections).

The Aviary app also features a web-based API, for developers-in-training to use if they want to embed Aviary functionality into their web projects or other apps.

While there are limitations in the free version, the twenty basic tools available through the free Aviary Photo Editor are more than enough for your child to get a strong start developing digital editing skills before moving on to more expensive, feature-rich professional options.

For beginners, the Aviary Photo Editor app comes with access to an incredible library of written tutorials, with easy-to-follow instructions and clearly illustrated tips for getting the most out of the app. Video tutorials are also available, but are for the most part only accessible with the purchase of a paid membership.

This paid membership - Aviary Pro - comes with unlimited image storage, removes the Aviary Photo Editor watermark, and gives your child full access to Aviary's tutorials, online communities, and promotional tools.

Is Photo Editor by Aviary safe for my kids?

The Aviary Photo Editor app is safe for children of all ages, but will be most useful to teens and older children. Younger users will find simpler, more user-friendly options elsewhere.

Aviary itself is safe for children of all ages, but there is no moderation of content within the app and it’s easy to share creations through the app’s internal promotional tools.

Aviary can be a wonderful way to introduce your teen to sophisticated digital image editing and publication techniques, without the professional-grade price tag of more fully-featured apps.

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