Quickly Repost for Instagram

Arfan Chaudhry

Parental Discretion Advised

Zift Advisory

This App Contains...
Live Streaming
Videos can be shared
Location Tracking
Photo Sharing
Photo sending/receiving
Stranger Danger
Interacting with strangers
Mature Content
Adult Content/Themes

With the Quickly Repost for Instagram app, users can quickly and easily share their favorite Instagram photos and posts, while giving proper credit to the original Instagrammer. While Quickly Repost for Instagram is free, it does offer a Premium subscription option, via in-app purchase, ranging in price from $4.99 to $9.99.

About Quickly Repost for Instagram

What is Quickly Repost for Instagram?

Quickly Repost for Instagram is a free app designed to be used in-tandem with the social networking app, Instagram.


Once users download Quickly Repost for Instagram, they’ll be prompted to log into their Instagram account, directly through the app. Quick Repost states that users must log into their Instagram accounts to obtain pictures and information from the Instagram API, in order to be used for reposting. Once logged into Instagram through Quickly Repost, the app opens to the user’s Instagram feed.


When a user sees a photo they like, they simply tap on the photo and choose one of three options: Remove Watermark, Repost to Instagram, or Upgrade to Pro. However, those users who wish to remove the watermark, an overlay marking the reposted image with “EasyRepost.com”, will need to upgrade to a premium or pro subscription anyway.


One of the perks of purchasing a premium subscription to the Quickly Repost app is the removal of ads in the app, in addition to removing the EasyRepost watermark, and the ability to repost an unlimited number of Instagram posts.


However, the premium or pro subscription is pricey, with an option to pay $4.99 per month, or receive 12 months for an auto-renewing charge of $9.99. Quickly Repost does offer a 3-day trial, after which users will be charged the monthly $4.99 rate.


When a user comes across a photo or video they wish to repost, they simply tap “Repost” after having selected additional options, and Quickly Repost for Instagram automatically posts the Instagram to the user’s feed. In addition to regular Instagram feeds, Quickly Repost for Instagram allows users to navigate to those Instagram posts they’ve already liked, providing a feed of liked posts to pick and choose which to repost.

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Is Quickly Repost for Instagram safe for my kids?

Parents should be aware that Quickly Repost for Instagram is designed to be used in-tandem with Instagram, so users must have an Instagram account to use the corresponding repost app. This app is safe for teens.

As a reminder, Instagram requires users to be a minimum of 13 years old to register for and open an account, so Instagram terms of service will apply to Quickly Repost app activity as well.

Quickly Repost for Instagram provides an opportunity for parents to revisit their rules for photos that are appropriate for sharing on social media, as the app is designed specifically for sharing other users’ Instagram posts.

It’s important to note that the watermark that is able to be removed is the branded Quickly Repost for Instagram watermark and not the original Instagrammer’s watermark. Parents can use this as an opportunity to discuss copyrights and why it’s important for creatives to receive credit for their work.

Ads feature heavily throughout the Quickly Repost for Instagram app, with a static banner ad located at the bottom of the screen, as well as ads that pop up each time a user taps an Instagram photo they wish to repost. Users can tap the ‘x’ to clear the ad, but the ad is served regardless.

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