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What is ModMath?

ModMath is an adaptive program to assist students in acquiring math skills from basic arithmetic to complex algebraic equations. The app, created in cooperation with the Christopher's Way Foundation, lets you type math problems right onto the touch screen of an iPad rather than write them out long-hand. You can then solve the problems using the built-in touch pad. And you can print, save to cloud services like Dropbox, or e-mail the assignments all without ever picking up a pencil.

The app is free. But we will be charging a nominal fee for extra features to subsidize the cost of future updates. Please know that the purpose of any fee is not for profit. But rather to expand the usefulness of ModMath to a broader range of students. We have a dysgraphic son too. We just want to see all our kids succeed. So even if you don’t need the pay features, consider buying them as an investment in another child’s future.

ModMath specifics:
- Provides students with a virtual piece of graph paper, where they can set up and solve math problems in a format that’s easily legible.
- Allow students to solve basic math problems and more complex algebraic equations, all without ever picking up a pencil.
- Print assignments, email them directly to the teacher or save to cloud storage.

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