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The Mobile Patrol is a public safety app that serves as a live database of news, information, and alerts for neighborhoods. This app is available for download in the App Store and the Google Play Store.  It is rated for users 12 years of age and older. This app features advertisements. This app is safe for teens with parental supervision.

About MobilePatrol: Public Safety
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What is MobilePatrol: Public Safety?

The Mobile Patrol is a public safety app that serves as a live database of news, information, and alerts for neighborhoods.

This app is available for download in both the App Store and the Google Play Store.  It is rated for users 12 years of age and older. This app features advertisements

Thanks to a partnership model with public safety agencies, users can view news and alerts, access public records, and anonymously report everything from crime tips and traffic alerts, to lost pets and city maintenance issues.

Additionally, law enforcement officials can create a dashboard on the app so that they can communicate with citizens within their district. Also included are smart news feeds constructed of public safety bulletins, with the most urgent items displayed first.

If a dangerous individual is in the area, for example, a Mobile Patrol user would spot that on their timeline and use the app to report any sightings of the individual or related suspicious activity. However, if users’ public safety agencies have yet to become a partner, it won’t be of much use to them.

This app is more likely to be of use in urban and densely-settled areas. Becoming a local partner is free of charge to your local public safety agency.

Is MobilePatrol: Public Safety safe for my kids?

Mobile Patrol is safe for teens, but may require some parental supervision. It’s a great tool for teaching them how they can use technology to stay informed and safe.

While some of the public records include listings of jail bookings, most wanted individuals and sex offenders within the zip codes selected, this enables kids to be aware of their surroundings and the people in them.

Advertisements do pop-up frequently, so be on the look out of the potential for in-app purchases. 

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