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About LEGO Creator Islands
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What is LEGO Creator Islands?

In LEGO Creator Islands, players start out on an island and build a city that their LEGO citizens will call home.

Players can build up to three cities. The buildings must first be created brick-by-brick by the player. Once a building or home is built, it can then be placed on the island.

Builders can also make boats and vehicles to transport goods on their island and travel to nearby other islands.

It will take kids quite awhile to exhaust their options, and when they do, they can clean up and start again.

Is LEGO Creator Islands safe for my kids?

LEGO Creators Island is absolutely safe for kids, and parents will be happy to know that LEGO Creators Island features no in-app purchases.

The absence of pop-up ads and inappropriate content make this an app that parents can feel good about. Be aware that the app does ask for access to media and storage on the user’s digital device. LEGO Creators Island features a parent section, that lists the app’s privacy policy and cookie settings.

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