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What is Kudos?

Kudos app is a safe social media space for children, letting them gain experience with sharing platforms while learning about online social etiquette and what should and shouldn't be posted online.

Kudos includes safeguards against cyberbullying, such as the ability to caption photos, but not to comment on them or tag people. "Likes" are anonymous and a person's full name is required to register their account. This makes it harder for trolls or bullies to hide behind anonymity.

Kudos also prompts kids to reflect on online etiquette when sharing on the platform. They may be asked to double check if an image is okay to share, or may be prompted to “like” a friend's status to give them a little boost.

Is Kudos safe for my kids?

Kudos is safe for mature kids who can be trusted to use social media safely.

Kudos moderates content for inappropriate material and parents are also required to approve photos before they are shared to the platform.

Children are told that they can and should notify Kudos and their parents if they see anything taking place they think is unkind or inappropriate. Users can't be tagged in updates and only accepted friends are able to access profiles or see their posts.

Be aware that at this time, Kudos does not appear to be COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) compliant.

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