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About Keepsafe Calculator Vault
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What is Keepsafe Calculator Vault?

Disguised as a calculator app, the Keepsafe Calculator Vault app password protects private photos and videos, and is easily accessed with a personal identification number (PIN). 

Keepsafe Calculator Vault is only available for iOS devices in the App Store, and is free to download.

The Keepsafe Calculator Vault is available only for iOS devices, and can be downloaded for free in the App Store. Keepsafe users can upload up to 200 photos and videos to their secure accounts.

People planning on using the Keepsafe Calculator Vault long-term will likely opt for a Keepsafe Premium subscription, as it opens up additional options within the app. 

Premium subscribers enjoy: 

  • Vaulting up to 5000 files
  • Saving space on their phones by compressing file size and storing on a Cloud server
  • The ability to recover files accidentally deleted (with a trash option)
  • The ability to customize the look of albums and covers
  • Additional security with PINs assigned to each album and alerts when someone has attempted to break into the app with the incorrect PIN
  • The ability to disguise the Keepsafe app as a virus-scanning app
  • A more streamlined experience with no advertisements

To place photos in the Keepsafe Calculator Vault, users simply import the photos to Keepsafe; users may also remove photos from their vault by exporting them back to the device, where they will return to their original location.

The Keepsafe app can be used to keep sensitive and important documents, such as a driver’s license, social security card or credit card, a finger tap away, while having the assurance that those documents are safe and secure.

Is Keepsafe Calculator Vault safe for my kids?

Parents should know that the Keepsafe Calculator Vault is a decoy app, designed to hide photos, pictures and video albums and is not safe for kids.

The Keepsafe app is designed to hide access to private documents and albums, and will open as a calculator when others tap the app; users simply enter their secret PIN to access their files and albums. 

The Keepsafe app does feature both advertisements and in-app purchases and users can opt for a Keepsafe Premium subscription, which costs $4.99 per month, or for a discounted annual rate of $23.99.

Parents should know that the Keepsafe Calculator Vault app is one to have on their radar, when it comes to their teen and tweens’ devices. Vault apps have made headlines for teens using them for storing pictures to send, and also those received, while sexting, as well as sharing inappropriate photos of minors. 

Parents need to understand the gravity of this, as sending photos of underage subjects, keeping those photos or sharing them with others can result in felony charges, even if the person in possession is a minor.

This is definitely an app parents want to keep an eye out for.

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Keepsafe Calculator Vault Parent Rating

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    Reviews: 2

  • Kyle L.

    sketchy app for kids to be using. no thanks.

  • Joy D.

    I thought this was just a calculator - I didn't realize my son was using it to hide things on his phone.