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What is IMVU Mobile?

IMVU Mobile is a virtual reality chat client and social network. Users can create incredibly detailed avatars and use them to chat with other players while exploring player-created in-game environments. 

Communication in the IMVU takes place through comic-style speech bubbles and a selection of non-verbal gestures or poses. Basic membership is free and users are given a small starter kit of in-game currency to purchase clothing, accessories, and customizations for their avatar. 

Membership is $10 per month, and gives players the ability to create virtual goods for sale and host custom environments, among other VIP features. IMVU currently has the largest selection of virtual goods for sale of any network in its class, mostly owing to its embrace of user-generated content. 

Explicit content is restricted to users aged eighteen and over who purchase an “Access Pass” and verify their age with IMVU. 

Is IMVU Mobile safe for my kids?

IMVU is only safe for mature teens. 

While more effective at screening underage users than most platforms, IMVU's content control isn't perfect. Language and behavior that is inappropriate for minors sometimes finds its way into public areas. Female clothing options for user avatars are extremely provocative, and chats tend to become inappropriate quickly. 

Users must enter their email address before playing, and are asked to turn on messaging notifications. Parents should also be aware that IMVU features extensive in-app purchases, meant to outfit user avatars, and these can become expensive rather quickly. 

The direct messaging feature, extensive in-app purchases, and lack of age separated game play make this app unsafe for kids.

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