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Houseparty is a group video chat app where users can video chat with multiple friends at the same time. It is free to download in iTunes and Google Play. The Houseparty app is rated for teens aged 13 and older and is recommended only for mature and responsible users.

About Houseparty
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What is Houseparty?

Houseparty is a video chat social networking app where users interact through video streaming.


A users' friends are notified when they log in, giving everyone the chance to join a live group video chatroom. Rooms can be locked, or left open for more friends to join.

Houseparty does feature a “stranger alert”, alerting users if someone who isn't directly their friend enters the room.


Houseparty will give users the chance to leave, or consent to continue streaming with this new person in the room.

Is Houseparty safe for my kids?

While itself rated "E" for "Everyone", the Houseparty app is not entirely safe for children. Private use of the Houseparty app should be restricted to  older teens with the proven ability to engage responsibly with adult situations. 

Because the app is live streamed, unfiltered and not moderated, your child can easily be exposed to mature or inappropriate content. Users are able to invite anyone to their profile by sending a link, so parents should monitor the friends on their child’s list.

This is a common problem with many group social apps, especially those which are not moderated. Standards of appropriate content and conduct vary widely between households, making consistency difficult enough in small groups.

Some parents may choose to directly approve their child's contacts, to ensure some level of safety for younger users. 

Houseparty is only appropriate for teens who have established trust in their ability to independently handle mature content and situations online. Before installing Houseparty, check in with your child and ensure they can:

  • Process challenging content maturely.
  • Recognize and respond appropriately to toxic online behavior.
  • Understand and take responsibility for safeguarding their online privacy.
  • Disengage confidently if an interaction makes them uncomfortable.
  • Alert parents and appropriate authorities if an Houseparty user makes them feel unsafe.

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