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About HiTalk Free International Call
In-App Purchases

What is HiTalk Free International Call?

HiTalk uses Voice Over IP (VoIP) and the internet to send and receive messages and calls.

Users can call or text mobile phones, chat with other HiTalk app users, or  use the Push To Talk feature. 

HiTalk features include: 

  • Chat and multimedia messaging. 
  • Push To Talk communication with other users
  • Calling phone numbers using VoIP

Nearly all of these features require in-app purchasing to function. Users can buy credits directly, with a credit card, or earn them for watching ads, installing apps, or leaving positive reviews of the software.

Is HiTalk Free International Call safe for my kids?

HiTalk isn’t safe for kids. There are many in-app purchases and advertisements and users have reported technical issues and unreliability. 

The app is free but requires users to purchase credits in order to make calls. Credits for free calls can also be earned by downloading other apps. The apps installed in exchange for in-app currency can pose a serious security risk. 

Some users who complete these tasks sometimes don't receive the promised credits. Even users who pay directly for HiTalk credits have reported receiving fewer credits than they purchased.

The app features advertisements, some of which can be explicit and inappropriate.  HiTalk is not recommended for kids.

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