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The Google Play Movies & TV app enables users to discover movies and television shows for streaming. Google Play Movies & TV is rated for users ages 12 years and older and does feature in-app purchases. This app is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store. This app is safe for kids with parental supervision.

About Google Play Movies & TV
In-App Purchases

What is Google Play Movies & TV?

The Google Play Movies & TV app enables users to search and select movies and television shows from an extensive catalog to rent or purchase for streaming.


Google Play Movies & TV is rated for users ages 12 years and older, is free to download and use, but does feature additional in-app purchases.  This app is available in both the App Store and the Google Play Store


Google Play Movies & TV allows users to stream media that is either rented or purchased through the app’s vast catalog. Play Movies & TV users will sign in with their Google account.


Once in the app, users can use the search function to type in keywords, if looking for something specific, scroll through recommended titles and add to their Wishlist. Once a user has selected a title they wish to view, they need to make an in-app purchase to buy or rent the title or series (Android users only).


It’s important to note that users with iOS devices cannot make in-app purchases directly through the Play Music & TV app. Instead, iOS device users must navigate to the Google Play website, select the show they wish to view, select the item to see the prices, buy or rent the media.


After purchasing through the browser, users with iOS devices can then access their purchases in the Library menu of the Google Play Movies & TV app.

Is Google Play Movies & TV safe for my kids?

Perhaps the most important thing for parents to know about the Google Play Movies & TV app is that it does not contain any content filtering or parental control options for families.

If a child has the Google Play app on their phone and it’s connected to a payment option, they will be able to rent and purchase movies and television that contains mature content.

So, while the Google Play app may be rated for users ages 12 years and older, the terms of use require app users to have a Google account to access the app, and Google accounts require users to be 13 years of age and older.

A way parents can filter the content their children access on their devices is to set up Google Family sharing and utilize the Google Play Family Library option.

With the Google Play Family Library, parents can control the purchase of media through their app and then share specific and age-appropriate content to the Family Library. The Google Family Library is accessible for all registered family members directly after download, as the default setting is to place all purchased media into the Family Library.

Parents will want to adjust settings by heading to the main menu in the upper left-hand corner of Google Play and selecting Account from the drop-down menu. Once in the Account menu, users need to tap the Family option and then Family Library Settings to set sharing options to one of the following: Don’t add automatically; I’ll do it myself or Add items automatically when purchased.

Setting up Google Family Sharing and managing purchased media through a shared Family Library allows parents greater control over the content their child consumes through the Google Play Movies & TV app.

And changing the default Family Library Sharing settings to manually adding items to the shared library can give parents complete control over what their children access in the app.

This app can be safe for kids with parental supervision.

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